DM96 – Its Not A Pod

This episode starts out talking about the new Mic Damashe ended up with. Remember that the podcast was recorded Friday June 3rd. Should we have talked about this? Michael is playing with the Pixel, and Damashe shares his thoughts about Core OS! Why we think people need to use your words, and how Damashe ended … Read more

DM95 – New Gear for the both of us!

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech DM95 – New Gear for the both of us! In the latest episode of the DM series we talk about new tools both of us got. mallory says that it looks like an arm! We share with you a couple of microphones that we’ve both dropped some money on … Read more

DM94 – Its A Dog

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech You can get the original show notes for this episode, , on the original Your Own Pay Podcast Network page. Lets get social Damashe is on twitter @Damashe Michael is on twitter, @payown Support The DM Series by contributing to their Tip Jar: This podcast is powered by … Read more

DM93 – Whats that baby Doing with the iPhone and a mixer

DM93 – What’s that baby Doing with the iPhone and a mixer? Clubhouse and loopback VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) Soundswitch The new feature in Jaws that lets you switch between sound cards Follow-up regarding the Meater Plus that Michael talked about in DM92. We talk about clubhouse and if a club prevents people from seeing … Read more

DM92 – Empty pineapple tweets

DM92 – Empty pineapple tweets Topics: In this episode of the DM Series, Damashe and Michael discuss the following Topics: Livestream to clubdeck Audio Hijack 4 Damashe’s Audio Hijack Session Loopback Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot The Blackstone Outdoor griddle The meater Wireless meat thermometer Audio Hijack 4 Announcement Automating Audio Hijack 4 with … Read more

DM91 – Gravity forms solves all your problems

briefly explain how we stream the show into clubhouse with the Mac This drops us into a conversation about gravity forms and michael’s comparison to visual form builder Michael shares a quick navigation tip for gravity forms. Damashe asks Michael what problem he has with google docs on the Mac and shares his thoughts about … Read more

DM90 – Done at 100!

DM90 – Done at 100! This episode starts out with Michael and Damashe Discussing the fact that we have 10 more episodes, and we really need a new system! Michael has been using the Mac on a semi-regular basis and shares his thoughts about it. Damashe and Michael also reviewed the experiences of Damashe resetting … Read more

DM89 – Loopback To Mac

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech We thank you for feedback in our episodes, this week we start out with a little follow-up from a listener. You can in fact resize a Linode. This then transitions us into a follow-up conversation from DM87 related to file extensions and what Apple is doing vs what we … Read more

DM88 – Serverless Club calendars

DM88 – Serverless Club calendars” Let’s jump in with Michael explaining how he’s getting audio from cleanfeed into Clubhouse. We did end up figuring out after the show ended how to bring people on stage and not here themselves, the secret is we just set Clubdeck audio to ⅞, hit group on ⅞ and left … Read more

DM87 – Tracking Voice Toys

DM87 – Tracking Voice Toys In the latest episode of the Damashe and Michael, Just Talking Tech Series we start out with Michael demoing one of the new narrator voices. Damashe shares info about how you can now type either / or to get to a url. This takes us into a conversation about focus … Read more