DM – Unmute Presents – Something Special

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech The episode Michael entions is: Tek Talk welcomes presenters from BlindShell USA to discuss the BlindShell Classic 2 Accessible Cell Phone. 08/08/2022 and you can join Michael and Marty every Tuesday at 10:00AM PT On the 13th of September, BlindShell USA will visit Unmute Presents to talk about this … Read more

DM100 – Problem To Be Solved

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech This is our final episode of this version of the podcast. We talk about several problems to be solved, and how we expect to handle these problems. Lets get social Damashe is on twitter @Damashe Michael is on twitter, @payown Support The DM Series by contributing to their tip … Read more

DM99 – A Quick Question

Starting this episode out we discuss the accessible covid tests that you can now get and what we would like to see with these tests. Damashe tells us about the smart plugs he has picked up. and how easy it was to add to his Home! Damashe finally put a jeap together for his kids … Read more

DM98 You can tweet us

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech DM98: You can Tweet Us In this episode, we chat about The exhaustion that comes with creating good accessibility feedback Micharl switching computers, not platforms We’re both using Microsoft Edge Michael’s travel plans And more… Links: Abortion Funds OWC USB C Travel Dock OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock Caldigit Thunderbolt … Read more

DM97 – According to the Juices

Damashe And Michael, Just Talking Tech DM97 – According to the Juices Starting out with a discussion about note taking and how both of us are handling capturing thoughts. Michael admits that drafts no longer live on his doc. Damashe shares a little about why he doesn’t want to use notes. Damashe helps us learn … Read more